Classic Home Cooking

Category Cooking/Recipes Year Published 1995
Author Marry Berry Edition 1st American Edition
Editor Vicky Hanson Printing 1st Printing
Contributor Marlena Spieler Binding Hardcover
Translator ISBN 0-7894-0153--3
Publisher Dorling Kindersley Publishing LCCN 95-2198
Country USA Pages 512
Language English

The majority of the 1,000 recipes are neither new nor wildly original, but there are many cooks looking for such favorites as caponata, huevos rancheros, Christmas roast goose, toad in the hole, paella, pommes Anna, challah, and key lime pie. Turn here, too, for an excellent grasp of cookery organization. The know-how section spotlights certain techniques and provides general instructions for microwaving, freezing, and storage. Streamlining dishes for time and convenience is also discussed. Barbara Jacobs

Midwest Book Review
Over 1,000 recipes are packed into an easily-referenced cookbook which includes the basics along with traditional dishes from around the world, adjusted for the novice. Plenty of step-by-step color photos throughout assure that novices receive plenty of clear details on procedures.

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