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Book Library Screenshots


Book Library is a database application designed for book collectors. It lets you catalog literally any printed materials such as books, magazines, comic books and newspapers etc. with detailed information...


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Main Window

Book Database View


The Book Database view is the browser of your book  records. The explorer-style interface makes it easy to manager your collection. The treeview folders and listview columns are fully customizable. It displays book details in an attractive HTML format with a build-in Internet Explorer window (see a sample page here).

Book Content View


The content view displays the associated contents when a book is selected. Book Library lets you add contents to each book. You can add information such as chapters, articles etc.

Book Info Editor

The "Book Info Editor" is the data entry window. Book Library offers over 60 predefined database fields and 8 custom fields.  You can record literally any information about your favorite books. 


In the General tab, you can enter general information about the book.
In the Library tab, you can enter library information, purchase information, and reading information.
In the Picture tab, you can attach an image to each book. Book Library can download pictures automatically during the ISBN download.
In the Content tab, you can enter detailed information about the contents of the book, such as chapters.
The ISBN Download tab allows you to download book information by ISBN numbers. All you need to do is enter a number and hit the Download button, Book Library downloads the book information and cover picture from the supported websites for you automatically.
Batch download in action. The status pane displays download activities, the web browser displays the source web page where the information from.




Database Search


The Search feature allows you to search string or multiple keywords, you may select as many fields you like.