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Easy Recipe Deluxe Registration

Shareware Limitations

Easy Recipe Deluxe is shareware. This program is free for non commercial use for a period of 30 days, some features are disabled in the trial version. After the trial period, the program will cease to function. You must register to get a unlock key to unlock the limitations and enable the program.

Registration Fee

The registration fee is only US $35.00 per user.

Registration Key

Once RegNow.com received your registration form and fee sent, you will receive your registration key by email. The delay is about 24 to 48 hours. Then, in the software, you should enter this key and user name into the appropriate fields of the Registration window. Your copy of software will be instantaneously registered and fully functional.

Why Register?

- Unlock the limitation.
- Entitles you for ALL future upgrades.
- We will listen to your suggestions and implement them in future updates.
- Technical support.

Register Now!

Secure online registration is available at RegNow.com 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. All major credit cards accepted.
Other payment methods include: wire transfer, check/money order,  phone, fax, purchase order, PayPal, Webmoney and Alipay. Click on the link below to register your copy now.

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