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Easy Recipe Deluxe Screenshots

Easy Recipe Deluxe is a full-featured easy to use recipe database, meal planning and grocery shopping management program. It can help you create and organize your recipe collections. It also has a menu planner and a grocery manager that helps you to plan your meals and shopping for the week ...

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Main Screen

Recipe Browser

Easy Recipe Deluxe provides an familiar window's explorer style interface.

On the left is a treeview control (Folders), it groups and sorts recipes in your cookbook(s) as folders. There are 7 predefined views. You can change the folder views by selecting a view from the Folder View Selection dropdown list box on top.

The upper-right pane is a listview control (Recipe List), it displays the recipes in a selected folder or search results. Most of Easy Recipe Deluxe's functions are done (or started) in the Recipe List, such as deleting records, creating copies, moving records.

The lower-right pane is a build-in IE window (Recipe Viewer/Web Browser), it displays the details of a recipe when it is selected in the Recipe List. It also serves as a web browser, just like Internet Explorer. Recipe details are displayed with HTML templates. There are 15 templates available, users can use their own templates as well.

The meal planner is conveniently located in the main window. Creating a meal plan is a snap, it lets you create a plan in seconds. All you need to do is click on a date in the calendar, drag and drop recipes into each meal box. The meal plan is displayed in HTML format in the recipe viewer.

Meal Planner

Recipe Editor

Ingredients tab

In the Ingredients tab, you can add, edit, and remove ingredients. You can also rescale your recipe or convert measure units. The popup menu is a set of convenient functions, it can format the ingredient list after an import. You can import supported recipe formats from windows' clipboard by simply press the Paste button. Currently the program supports Meal Master and MasterCook formats. If your recipe is not in these formats, with minimum modifications, the program can parse it as well. 

Preparation/Notes tab

You can enter detailed instructions, additional notes, preparation time and cooking time, equipments required to make the dish, and ratings for each recipe.

Picture tab

A picture can be linked to each recipe. Image files can be on your hard drive or on a website.

Ingredient Entry Form


The ingredient entry form is designed to make data entry an easy task. The auto-complete feature in dropdown list boxes allows you to type only a few characters, the program completes the rest for you. New ingredients can be saved into the ingredient database automatically. Once an ingredient is entered, the form resets itself and readies it for you to enter the next one. The form searches the nutrition database automatically as you type, if an exact match is found, it links the ingredient automatically.

Ingredient Database

Ingredients Table

Commonly used ingredients can be saved in the Ingredients table. You can associate stores with each ingredient. Cost information can be added to each ingredient as well. Ingredients can be linked to the USDA nutrition database, see below.

USDA Nutrition Database

Nutrition Table

The USDA nutrition database contains more than 6000 ingredients. You can modify or create your own. Ingredients in your recipes can be linked to this table, Easy Recipe Deluxe can calculate the nutrition data for you.

Grocery & Shopping Manger

Grocery & Shopping

Easy Recipe Deluxe comes with a Grocery & Shopping Manager. You can create your own grocery database. It can create shopping list automatically from recipes or meal plans.

Report & Printing

Print Dialog


The print feature in Easy Recipe Deluxe can print recipe list reports, meal plans, shopping list, and recipes details.

You can print recipes on regular paper and index cards. 3x5, 4x6, and custom size index cards are supported. There are two index card templates available.

Print preview - index card style 1.

Print preview - index card style2.