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Movie Library Screenshots

Movie Library is a database application designed for movie collectors and movie fans. It lets you catalog any video formats such as DVD, VHS, VCD, LaserDisc or home videos with detailed information. Movie library is not just a movie/video collection manager, it's also a movie and actor database...

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Main Screen

Movie List

Movie Library provides an familiar window's explorer style interface.

On the left is a treeview control (Folders), it groups and sorts movies in your database as folders, grouping and sort orders are user-definable. You can change the folder views by selecting a view from the Folder & Sort Selection dropdown list box on top.

The upper-right pane is a listview control (Movie List), it displays the movies in a selected folder or search results. Most of Movie Library's functions are done (or started) in the Movie List, such as deleting records, creating copies, moving records. The columns and default sort order are also user-definable.

The lower-right pane is a build-in IE window (Movie Details/Web Browser), it displays the details of a movie when it is selected in the Movie List. It also serves as a web browser, just like Internet Explorer. Movie details are displayed with HTML templates, it lets you choose different templates for different formats (i.e. DVD's, VHS's and others). There are 20 templates in Movie Library, users can use their own templates as well. (sample1, sample2)

The main window also displays your actor database. You can switch between Movie view and Actor view by using the Explorer Tabs.

Actor List

Movie Info Editor

In the Movie tab, you can enter information that is related to the movie, such as cast and crew, release year, genre, country etc. Each dropdown list box has a support table in database. The auto-complete feature allows you to type in only a few characters, if a match is found in the list, the program completes it for you.
In the Tech/Prod tab, you can enter technical and product information about DVD's, VHS's. Such as DVD features, audio tracks, subtitles, video format etc.
In the Library tab, you can enter information about the physical item, such as location, status, purchase price, loan information, personal rating etc.
In the Other... tab, you can enter custom information that is not included in the regular database fields. There are 8 custom fields available.
In the Picture tab, you can link images to the movie, from your hard drive or on the internet. Movie Library can download pictures from the supported websites automatically.
In the Internet Search tab, you can perform search on movie titles, and download movie information from the supported website (i.e. IMDB, AMG, Amazon, DVD Empire). Movie Library can also download cover pictures from Amazon and DVD Empire.
In the Options tab, you can set options for multiple-source downloads. It lets you specify certain contents from certain websites.
You can show or hide the browser in the editor window. It allows you to preview the web pages in Search Results.

Actor Info Editor

The Actor Info Editor window is where you enter or edit actor information. There are plenty fields available. You can keep detail information such as personal info, filmography and biography about your favorite stars.

Just like the Movie Info Editor, you can search IMDB for actor information as well. Simply type in the name, press the Query button, Movie Library will download the information for you.

Search Window

The Search feature allows you to search string or multiple keywords, you can search multiple fields at the same time.

User Definable Folders and Columns

Folder views are fully customizable.
Movie List columns and sort orders are also customizable.

Movie Details Reports & Printing

Movie Library displays movie details with HTML templates. A detail report is generated every time you click on a movie. You can print the report by simply click on the Print button. The print function is the same one in your IE browser.
Movie List Reports & Printing
Movie List Report Step 1.

Define report title, select report fonts.

Movie List Report Step 2.

Select report columns, define sort order.

Movie List Report Step 3.

Generate the report list. You can print the list, save the list as text file, or save the list as HTML.

Movie list report print preview.