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2.0.957 released!



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Music Library - Manage you music collection has never been so easy!


Music Library is a fully-featured database application that allows you to catalog and play literally any music files and media you have.


Music Library is not just another mp3 tagger, unlike any other music database programs, It allows you to catalog and deal with any music both on and off your computer. The familiar Explorer-style + html detail viewer interface provides an easy way to manage your collections, you can view your collection by locations, albums, artists, year or genres. It can scan your hard drives and automatically list and catalog all available music files such as MP3, WAV, OGG, WMA, APE, FLAC, MP4 and MPC etc.. The versatile Tag/Filename Editor allow you to download album info, cover arts and perform mass tagging base on file names or file renaming base on tags. Composing MP3 playlists is a snap, there are so many ways to locate and play your favorite tunes,  a internal MP3 player/Winamp/foobar2000 front end control is included.


Of course, Music Library also allows you to organize your home music collections such as CDs, LPs and tapes. It's a CDDB-Enabled program. Insert a CD, it reads the disc and then queries CDDB database to retrieve detailed album information. You can also search other websites (such as Amazon, FreeDB, AMG) and download album info and cover art's. You can also add personal notes, costs, storage location and more. If you wish, you can read all your CDs first then query CDDB to download disc information all together. Powerful publishing feature can create professional style lists in ASCII text and Html format, multiple page option for long Html reports.


Powerful search and duplicates finding feature can help you eliminate duplicate files to save disk space. Share your collection with others, the import, export and compare features allow you to transport your database to other computers and generate MP3 wanted lists. That's not all! Music Library also comes with a fine standalone CD player. Associate it with your database, it displays artist name, track title, album title and even cover image or lyrics automatically! So download and give it a try today! You will find it an indispensable tool.


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Windows 9x/ME/2k/XP/Vista


v2.0.957 (Full Setup)


(7.59 MB)


What's new in v2.0?


How do I upgrade?



Database Convert Utility


(Converts previous version databases to current, if you are running v1.4.528 or older, please download this utility also)

Convert.zip (84K)


Database Import Utility


(Imports database from other database formats, if you have problem converting your database, you may contact us. We will provide help if we can.)

Import.zip (93K)



Music Library Features



  • Manage ALL your music with one database! - Music Library is the only full-featured MP3 and CD collection manager on the market. It can catalog any file or media formats, such as MP3's, OGG's, audio CDs, cassettes, vinyl...  Whether you are a MP3 collector or a serious record collector or maybe both, you will find Music Library an indispensable tool. It's perfect for large collections.

  • MS Access 2000 database format - It's the most popular database format. This means you can edit your database and create reports with MS Access as well.

  • SQL support - Music Library is the only music database program that allows you to manage your database with SQL! With SQL, you can make mass changes or create complex queries to select records. Even Visual Basic functions are supported.

  • User-friendly Explorer-style interface -  Music Library displays file folders just like the explorer, except it only shows the folders that contain MP3 files (so you don't have to click through all those empty folders. Removable disks are displayed as individual discs under your CD drive letter, the folder structures are preserved exactly as they are on the disks. You can also group, sort and view tracks by albums, artists, year and genres in any combination. It also allows you to create your own sort and select only the columns you want to display. 

  • Powerful search functions - "Quick search" allows you to search a database field without opening the search window. "Simple search" allows you to search multiple fields with multiple keywords or any criteria. "Global search" allows you to search both MP3 and record collections. "Advanced search" can help you to create and save complex queries. SQL allows you to search literally anything!

  • Flexible playlist generator - Can create playlists of media files or audio tracks.

  • Database Export - Music Library can export your database to Excel and ASCII text files.

  • Database Import - Music Library can import various database formats, MP3 or audio.

  • Report - Music Library can generate and print reports of your MP3 or CD collections.


Media Database - File management/tagging

  • Media file database - Music Library can scan all your hard drives/net work drives/removable drives for media files and create a catalog of your music collection.

  • File Explorer - Acts just like your Windows Explorer, it lets you copy, move, delete and rename files and folders.

  • OLE drag and drop operation - You can drag and drop files/folders within the program or between applications (Windows Explorer, MP3 players etc.).

  • Smart file management - The "Organize Files" feature can automatically move hundreds of files to a designated folder base on ID3 tags. It creates sub folders using the ID3 tags with a format you defined (e.g. Parent folder\Artist\Album).

  • Extensive media file type support - Supports reading and tagging all popular media file types, such as MP3, WMA, OGG, FLAC, MP4, WAV, Monkey's Audio and Musepack.

  • Mass tagging and file renaming - Can retrieve tag info from path and filenames and generate filenames based on tags with use-definable rules. Music Library fully supports the following tag formats:  id3v1, id3v2, lyrics 2.0, ape2.0, wma tag, ogg comments.

  • Color-coded file status display - File status is color-coded in the file list, so you always know whether a file is available, dead or on removable disk.

  • Internet lookup - Music Library has a useful Internet Lookup feature, where you can search and download album/track information and covert arts from source such as Amazon, AMG, FreeDB etc.

  • Lyrics Lookup - It lets you search and download lyrics from the internet. You can save the lyrics in id3v2 tags or the Lyrics database in Music Library.

  • CDDB Disc - Use the GraceNote CDDB Control to lookup disc info from CDDB online database with partial info in filenames or tags.

  • Removable media support -  Music Library has an unique way to catalog your removable disks (e.g. CDR, DVD etc). Removable disks are displayed as a "disk" with a disk label under the drive letter. You can browse a CDR just like they are in your CD drive. It asks you for the CD when you try to play them.

  • Super fast duplicates finding - Music Library can determine duplicates by comparing filename, file size or ID3 tags... (Locate 100 sets of duplicates in a database with 8000 records within just 7 seconds).

  • MP3 player - Music Library comes with a MP3 player control panel, it can play MP3 file using the internal player or act as remote control for Winamp or foobar2000.

  • Audio Composer - It can help you search for files and compose audio CD from MP3s.


Audio Database - Album management

  • Audio database - It let's you create an album database with any format, such as MP3's, CD's, LP's, cassettes etc.

  • Comprehensive database fields - Covers most of the information you might need (album and track details, credits, lyrics, cover art etc.).

  • Thumbnail view - Displays albums in thumbnails with their covers.

  • GraceNote CDDB support - You can use the CDDB Control to download disc information directly from the largest CD database in the world - CDDB database. It also allows you to submit CD info to the database.

  • Internet search for formats other than CD - You can search on line music database for album info and cover art's right in the Album editor window.

  • Extensive classical music collection support - Music Library offers many classical fields in audio database, such as composer, conductor, orchestras. And of cause, you can sort by these fields also.

  • Library features for record collectors - Such as loan tracking, insurance, location, reference#, cost, value ...

  • Associate media files to CD tracks - You can attach media files to audio tracks so you can listen to them without the CD!

  • CD player - It can play CD and display detail track info, lyrics, cover image and ratings...


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