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Music Library Screenshots



Music Library is a CDDB-Enabled, full-featured MP3 and music collection manager. It allows you to catalog and play any music files and media type. It's an indispensable tool for MP3 and record collectors.


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Main Window - Media Explorer

"Media Explorer" is where you manage your media file.
Window layout 1
  • Left pane - Treeview (folders), picture shows tracks are grouped by artist then album. You can change the grouping by selecting a predefined sort from the drop-down list on top. (Album Artist > Album view shown)
  • Upper-right pane - File list.
  • Lower-right pane - Detail browser, displays details of the selected track with an user-definable html template.
  • Upper right corner - MP3 player control panel. It can control the Music Library internal player or act as remote control of Winamp and foobar2000.
Window layout 2
  • Treeview on left (Drive/folder view shown). While in Drive/Folder view, you can create, rename, move, copy and delete file folders. Works just like your windows explorer.
Window layout 3
  • Treeview on left (Album Artist > Album Year > Album view shown).
  • File list on bottom, takes advantage of the full width of the screen.
Window layout 4
  • File list on right, views more files.
Tag/Filename Editor
Tag Mode
  • In tag mode you can tag multiple files all together.
  • id3v1, id3v2.3, id3v2.4, ape 2.0, lyrics tag 2.0, ogg comments, wma tags are supported.
  • It lets you parse filenames and folder names to fill tag fields.
  • It lets you embed pictures to multiple files.
  • You can tag , update database, rename files with a single mouse click.
Rename Mode
  • In rename mode you can rename multiple files all together.
  • It lets you construct new filenames based on tags.
  • Many other functions you can use to manipulate filenames.
Internet Search Mode
  • In search mode you can search websites like Amazon, AMG, FreeDB and Gracenote for track info and cover arts.
  • You can also use the CDDB control to query CDDB Database based on partial information in tags or filenames.
  • The import function lets you import info by matching file order or titles.
Import a webpage
  • In the browser tab, you can import a page including tracks and cover art directly in the browser.
Media File Properties
ID3 Tag Viewer/Editor
Main Window - Audio Explorer
Window layout 1
  • Album List View
  • Folders grouped/sorted as Artist > Title (Alphabetical)
  • Different media formats displayed with different icons.
  • Multi-disc sets are grouped as one entry.
Window layout 2
  • Album Thumbnail View
  • Folders grouped as Artist > Title (Chronological)
  • Shows albums as cover arts.
Window layout3
  • Album List View
  • Folder grouped as Album Year > Album Artist > Title
  • When a disc is selected in folder tree, tracks are displayed.
Window layout 4
  • Album List View


Data Entry - Album Info Editor
  • General tab
  • CDDB-enabled, can download disc info from CDDB's online database.
  • Full auto mode, all you need to do is insert discs, it will download album info, save it, eject CD, wait for next disc.
  • Credits tab
  • Credits can be downloaded from AMG.
  • Cover Art tab
  • Pictures can be downloaded from supported sites.
  • Library tab
  • Library info
  • Loan tracking
  • Custom fields
  • Web Browser tab
  • Download album info, tracks, credits and cover arts from supported websites.
Data Entry - Track Editor
Database Search
  • Media database search
  • Audio database album search
  • Audio database track search

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