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 Picture Library v1.4.085 released!

What's new in v1.4.085?



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Picture Library is a picture database program that can help you manage and organize your picture collections. Unlike other image cataloging programs, Picture Library provides many useful database fields such as category, album, series, photographer, place, time, rating, description etc. It supports all popular image file formats. The user-friendly explorer-like interface lets you categorize, group and sort your image files by any fields and in any combination. It supports all file management functions, such as copy, move, delete files and folders. The Batch Editor lets you batch edit database fields and rename files. The powerful search functions can help you locate files quickly and efficiently, it also allows you to find duplicates by filename and size. The picture viewer lets you view and edit image files and create slide shows.




Note: This trial version is fully functional for 30 days and after the trial period it will cease to function. If you wish to unlock the limitation, you need to purchase a registration key. 



v1.4.085 Full Install

(5.44 MB)







Picture Library Features

 (Please note these are only a fraction of the features that Picture Library offers, you just have to try it to find out more!)


  • Windows Explore-style interface - lets you group and sort images by any fields or combination.

  • MS Access database format -  SQL support lets you create own queries and modify your databases.

  • Album creation - lets you categorize images as albums, provides many useful database fields such as category, series, photographer, place, time, rating, description etc. 

  • Album Layout - Lets you compose albums and create custom slideshows.

  • Removable media support - allows you to catalog images on removable media, such as CDR, zip disks etc.

  • File List - Detail/Thumbnails views.

  • Image Viewer and Slide show  - lets you create slide show with search results.

  • Image Editing -  allows to to edit picture file individually or multiple files in a batch! Functions include rotate, flip, resize, crop, adjust color and grayscale.

  • File Management - lets you copy, move, delete files and folders.

  • Batch Editing - lets you edit database info and rename files in a batch!.

  • Powerful Search Functions - lets you search any fields in the database, including files on removable media.

  • Duplicate Files Finding - Determine duplicates by CRC32, filename and size, fast!

  • HTML Publisher - lets you publish your pictures on a website.

  • Zip Utility - lets you create zip files of the selected pictures.

  • CSV Support - lets you create CSV file of selected folder or drive, or import file info from CSV's.

  • Index Picture Creation - lets you create index pictures of selected files.

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