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 v1.1.98 released!


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Wine Library is a wine cellar management program designed to help you manage and value your wine collections. It's not only an essential tool for wine collectors, but also a great tool for wine enthusiasts.


Wine Library lets you create a catalog of your wine collection or the wines you've tasted with an Access database. You can record many useful information, such as countries, regions, types, varietals, purchase info, stock info, personal rating, and detailed drinking/tasting notes etc. Wine library's user-friendly explorer-style interface allows you to group/sort wines as folders by countries, types, vintages, locations, or in any combinations. Wine details are displayed in a customizable HTML format with a build-in IE window.


Besides a powerful search function, Wine Library supports SQL, you can select and manipulate data with this powerful tool. The report feature allows you to print wine detail reports, create and print wine list reports and export them as HTML's and ASCII's.


Wine Library can also download wine info and tasting notes from supported websites!





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Note: This trial version is fully functional, however it's limited to 50 entries per database. If you wish to unlock the limitation, you need to purchase a registration key. 


Windows 9x/ME/2k/XP/Vista


Download v1.1.098

(5.53 MB)


 What's new in this version?


Wine Library Features

 (Please note these are only a fraction of the features that Wine Library offers, you just have to try it to find out more!)

  • MS Access database format - It's the most popular database format. Offers you an alternative way to edit your database.

  • SQL support - Wine Library lets you manipulate your database or select records with powerful SQL.

  • User-friendly Explorer-style interface with a Internet Explorer build-in window - wine details are displayed as a HTML page.

  • Fully customizable folder and columns - You can customize treeview folders and listview columns. 

  • Powerful search functions - " Quick search" allows you to search a single field without opening the search window. "Search" allows you to search multiple fields with multiple keywords or any criteria.  SQL allows you to search literally anything!

  • Report - The report feature lets you create/print reports, export your database to HTML and ASCII text files. 

  • Picture - Wine Library lets you associate picture to each item. You can even link to images on the internet instead of image files on your hard drive. 

  • Download wine info and label image from supported websites!

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