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File List Creator is a little utility that can help you manage and keep track of all your files. If you download a lot of binaries such as MP3s and compressed files and keep them on Zip disks or Cds, you will find File List Creator a great tool for you. File List Creator can help you create catalogs of any file types and save them as data files. Using File List Creator, you can create reports as lists and output them as text, Html or playlist file format, search for files, find duplicates. With File List Creator, you know exactly what you have and where they are. File List Creator is actually 5 programs in one, it's a file list maker, a data base, a mass MP3 renamer, a MP3 playlist maker and a mass ID3 tag Editor. It's very easy to use, small and fast. 

File List Creator is constantly under development. So please come back once a while to check for updates. If you like File List Creator please help to distribute it. If you have any requests, just ask. If I think it could benefit other users, I will try to implement it. 

 MP3 users please check out Music Library



     Main Window 

     Playlist Editor

     Data Field Editor

     MP3 Utilities


File List Creator Features

 General Features

Create data file of specified file format (zip, mp3, jpg, *.* , etc.). 

Create reports as lists and output them as text, Html or MP3 playlist file format. 
Explorer like interface, you can view your entire collection in the same window. Files are displayed as       

    filename/path/size/modified/bitrate/time/artist/title/album/disk label with a listview box. 

No need to search for a particular CD, all removable disks are listed as a separated disk in the directory tree. 

Auto detect hard drives and update only files on hard drives. 

Add and delete removable disks. 

Mass MP3 renaming and ID3 tag editing tools. 
Use file name to write tag or use tag to rename. 
Mpeg 1.0 , 2.0, ID3v1.0 and ID3v1.1 support. 
Xing VBR support. 

Drag and drop folder to scan.

Create or import Winamp Playlists. 

Search in entire data or a particular drive and create reports from search results. 
Forgot to write tags before you burned the CD or the file name is longer than 30 characters? You can use the data field editor to fill in those information in your data file. 

File management, create, rename, move and delete folders, move, copy and delete files.

Database comparison allows user to save the difference to a playlist.

Update all hard drives with a single mouse click.
Super fast search and duplicates finding (Locate 100 duplicates in a database with 8000 records within just 7 seconds). Determine      

    duplicates by file name, size and id3 tags.

Use file names to fill those fields and update data file automatically. 
Flexible playlist generator.

Full setup program. 

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