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File List Creator Downloads

If you are sure you have all the VB 6.0 Runtime files, you can just download the Exe only file. Otherwise get the full setup file.

 Current Version 1.2.56

File List Creator (Full Setup, 2.9 M)  Site 1
Site 2
File List Creator (Exe only, 225k)  Site 1
Site 2

Full Setup: Unzip "FLC.zip" to a temp directory, then run "setup.exe" , default program location is "C:\Program Files\File List Creator\."
Exe only: Unzip "listcreator.zip" to a empty folder then click on "FLC.exe" to run the program.


If you have older version of File List Creator on your machine and you are installing it to the same directory, please delete the "Data" folder before you run the program. The old "lists.dat" file is not compatible with the new version. Otherwise you'll get a "Type miss match" error. File List Creator will create a new "Data" folder the first time you run the program.