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Here are a couple of skins for Winamp player V2.1 or higher. Just click on the images or links below to download. Please feel free to modify and distribute them. 

Sony Vaio Amp 1.0

Download here


Download here

How To Make Your Own Winamp Skins?

WinAmp skins are just a set of BMP images in a subdirectory in the winamp 'skin' directory. How to do it? It's fairly simple. To do the graphics, you will need programs like Photoshop, Paintshop Pro or some thing similar. Even the paint program in windows will do. Next you'll need to know the size and location of each button and controls. The easiest way is to start from a set of standard images, and modify them. The following link: http://www.algonet.se/~daniel7/winamp/skinspecs.html has a complete spec, everything is explained in detail. You can also change the default color of the visioualization plugin by using a file called 'viscolor.txt'.